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counselor BS!

my sister came home with the WILDEST stories I have EVER heard. apparently those counselors took it upon themselves to make up for the time they lost when cabe was around. I think you guys will find this highly amusing:

okay so Ryan Farr liked Liz Hiett, right? Then she went off to Barbados to teach pilates, and ended up making out with one of Ryan's friends. Ryan was mad, but he still loves Liz, so he proposed to her at dinner and she accepted. So now they're getting married. Calloway and Kate Herron (who was a counselor for 3rd session and maybe 4th, and is now 19) are engaged, and Richard Worshem is his brother, and he's jealous. Liz and Stu are twins, and Ryan, Chris, and Jeff are triplets. Erin and Jeff are dating, set up by my sister's minor class. Leah was a bat-child found in a cave, is only 15, and went to college when she was 8.

you know...I thought Jefferson getting struck by lightning 28 times was bad. I'm gonna have to write these counselors. Man, I can't wait till I'm one. haha.

<3 you all,
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