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good morning all

figgerd i'd add something, as the community's been rather silent lately...'s just a quiz, but i had fun with it

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song lyrics by that band::

Are you female or male::
"she walks by shining, her face like a pearl"

Describe yourself::
"listen to the sounds and hear the music flow
say 'howdy' to a stranger maybe do-si-do"

How do some people feel about you::
"is armageddon knocking at my door?"

How do you feel about yourself::
"the people there are green, yet they think they're all ok"

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend::
"this ain't the place, may I suggest, for cleanish dreams"

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend::
"well the train's comin' down,
comin' down those tracks"

Describe where you want to be::
"horizon line
so far yet near"

Describe what you want to be::
"intoxicating liquor"

Describe how you live::
"someday I'll settle down
in that home I'll find…
until that day I'll roam
down the long road again
and live the life of a [woman] who is free"

Describe how you love::
"well, ladies, take your pick 'cause they're quite drunk, you see"

Share a few words of wisdom::
"take a look my brother; tell me what you see
if everybody's fighting then how can they be free?
tell me what you aim to do
when it comes down to you
will you stand up for what you know is true?"
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